Marion Elementary School

 A New Year is like a blank notebook....
Let's write a Wonderful Story!
New year
Monthly Themes:
January   -   Cooperation
February   -   Acceptance
March   -   Generosity
April   -   Self-Discipline
May   -   Perseverance
January 30, 2015 - 6th Grade Dance

1.  PROOF OF AGE (Birth Certificate)
2.  PROOF OF IMMUNIZATION (immunization card - Doctor Signature REQUIRED)
3.  PROOF OF RESIDENCY - two (2) forms such as:
            *  Utility Bill (residential)
            *  Credit Card bill
            *  Tax bills
            *  Lease/seller agreement

Marion Elementary School
500 Perry Avenue
Belle Vernon, PA 15012
Phone: 724-808-2500 x4500 
Fax number:  724-929-3764
Dr. Michele Dowell, Principal   
Dr. J.K. Folmar, Jr, Principal   
Mrs. Angela Margaronis, Counselor 
Mrs. Bonita Kline, Counselor    
Mrs. Janet Shawley, Secretary  
Mrs. Debbie Bickerton, Secretary
Mrs. Jennifer Martin, RN          
Mrs. Donna Rainey, RN             

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