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    High School Computer and Business Technology Curriculum

    While focusing on the student’s role as a citizen, student, family member, consumer, and active participant in the business world, this course will inform students of their various financial responsibilities, and provide opportunities for self-awareness, expression, and satisfaction in a highly technical and competitive society. Students will discover new ways to maximize their earning potential, develop strategies for managing their resources, explore skills for the wise use of credit, and gain insight into the different ways of investing money. Students will also be introduced to Excel 2007 as they learn to create budgets and manage finances. When available, students will be engaging in a Career Mentoring program.


    The first year of accounting deals with fundamental accounting principles and procedures for small and medium-sized business. These principles and procedures will be applied to record-keeping for various types of business. Attention is given to clerical details and forms and emphasis is placed upon the use of accounting records in preparing financial reports to show the results of business operations.


    This one year course includes both basic and advanced fundamentals of the accounting process. The course will include cash management, inventory control, cost analysis, depreciation, asset management, and budgeting. It is an excellent course for the college bound student considering business as a possible college major. College credit can be earned through Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) as long as a minimum of three additional credits are taken at WCCC after high school graduation.


    This one semester course will introduce students to the presentation software, PowerPoint. Students will learn to apply the features of this program to design, create and edit quality slide presentations. The pace of the class will be adapted to the needs of each individual student. Special focus will be placed on students completing a required senior project.


    This is a first course in computer science programming. It is recommended for students intending to major in computer science who do not have the required background for CS0401 at the University of Pittsburgh. The focus of the course is on problem analysis and the development of algorithms and computer programs in a modern high-level language. This course will allow the student to earn 3 college credits from the University of Pittsburgh and is the equivalent of CS 0007. If the student elects to earn the 3 credits, there will be a fee of $175.00 per student. (This fee is NOT A REQUIREMENT for taking this course.) Upon successful completion of the course, the students will receive 3 college credits and a grade on a regular PITT transcript (IF the fee has been paid). These credits may be transferred to other colleges


    This course will introduce students to the Microsoft Office 2010 programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students will receive training in more complex phases of word processing skills including creating, editing, and formatting documents as well as creating tables, columns, graphs & charts. Excel 2010 introduces students to the features needed to create professional worksheets as well as charts, graphics, and other applications. This course will also serve to develop the students’ presentation skills using PowerPoint 2010. The students will learn to apply the features of the program to design, create, and edit professional quality presentations.


    This course will provide a basic understanding of the methods and techniques of developing a simple to moderately complex web site. Using the current standard web page language XHTML, students will be instructed on creating and maintaining a simple web site. After the foundation language of XHTML as well as some dynamic XHTML has been established, the aid of an Internet editor, Dreamweaver will be introduced. To further enhance the Web sites, a second language, JavaScript, will be included. Finally, Web site design and layout techniques as well as basic search engine analysis will be added so that students may transfer this knowledge in their personal/professional web page development endeavors.

    This course is approved by the University of Pittsburgh to be included in its Colleges in High Schools program. It will allow the student to earn 3 college credits from the University of Pittsburgh. If the student elects to earn the 3 credits, there will be a fee of $200. Registration deadline is October 1. (This fee is NOT A REQUIREMENT for taking the course.) Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive 3 college credits and a grade on an official University of Pittsburgh transcript. Often, these credits are transferred as credit toward an undergraduate degree at other colleges/universities.