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    Physical Education Curriculum Page
    Elementary School Physical Education Curriculum
    Middle School Physical Education Curriculum
    Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Physical Education
    Physical education, an area of education that deals with the body in motion, contributes to the complete education of the individual.  The effective physical education program develops within the child a deep respect for the human body and its ability to work, rest, play, create, relax, think, and do.  Through an active physical education program the student will come to value physical activity as a lifestyle choice which they can continue throughout their lives.

    Seventh Grade Health

    Health for Life is a course designed to make students aware of a more complete idea of health education.  This idea would include physical, mental, and social health.  Physical health being the condition of your body, mental health being how you feel about yourself, social health being how you handle relationships with others.  Making good health a responsibility of every individual and helping students to take control of their health is a goal of health class.  Students will be expected to understand what life management skills are available to them; along with making wise decisions, the five stop decision making process, dealing with stress, body systems, and responsibilities as students grow old, fitness and health, general first aid, personal safety, consumerism, and personal hygiene.

    High School Physical Education Curriculum

    The freshman health education program is designed to encompass current health issues that will be of importance throughout a student’s lifetime. These issues include the following: smoking, alcohol, communicable diseases, diet and nutrition, sports and fitness, health agencies, consumer health protection, first aid and safety education, drug abuse, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, mental health, CPR and body systems.



    Physical education is a course designed to develop the total individual—psychologically, physiologically, and socially. A variety of activities is offered to develop his/her maximum capacity of fitness. These activities will encourage life-long goals and participation. Topics addressed will include the effects of regular participation in moderate to vigorous physical activities in relation to adolescent health improvement, the factors that affect the responses of body systems during moderate to vigorous physical activities, the factors that affect physical activity preferences of adolescents, the factors that impact on the relationship between regular participation in physical activity and motor skill improvement, the effects of positive and negative interactions of adolescent group members in physical activities, and the components of skill-related fitness to movement performance.



    All students will be assigned to a physical education class. If, due to an illness, an injury, and/or a disability, a student cannot participate in a physical education class, he/she will be assigned to the Adapted Physical Education class.