The Narrative Elements, or story pieces, have been taught to your child using a color coding strategy.  The elements are Characters (Who?),  Setting (Where? When?), Problem (What?), Events (How?), Solution (Why?), and Ending.  The color coding strategy is done by assigning each element a color.  Then use that color to highlight the information that is being asked.  An example would be to assign the color yellow to the character element and then using a yellow marker to highlight the names of all the main actors in the story.  Then assign the color orange to the setting element and use an orange marker to highlight where and when the story takes place.  Assign blue for the problem element, pink for the events, green for the solution and ending.  This is an excellent study strategy that can be used with the reading selections and other subjects.
         Demonstrate understanding of facts and ideas by organizing, comparing, translating, interpreting, giving descriptions and stating main ideas.
    How would you compare the character?  How would you contrast the characters?
    How would you rephrase the meaning in your own words?
    What is the main idea of the selection?
    What is the lesson or theme learned from the selection?
    What examples can you find to support the solution?
    What conclusions can you draw?