• Class Rules

    1.     Respect everyone!!!

    a.   That means do not talk when someone else is talking…

    b.   Listen to others

    c.   NO Name calling


    2.  Keep in your Bubble! 

    a.   feet on the floor

    b.   hands to yourself


    3.  Raise your hand!!!

    4.  Always push your chair in!

    5.  Clean up after yourself!!

    6.  Be prepared for class…..

    a.   bring your book

    b.   notebook/folders

    c.   pencil

    d.   highlighters

    e.   agenda book

    f.   HOMEWORK

    You will NOT be permitted to go back to your class to get your things.


    7.  No GUM or candy


    8.  No water bottles

       9. No toys of any kind: fidget spinners/cubes, squishies, electronic devices, etc...  These items must stay in the students' fidget at all times.