• Honors Biology  
    Honors Biology is a one-year, college-prep science course that will explore the areas of Biochemistry, Cellular Anatomy, Cellular Energetics, Cellular Reproduction, Evolution, and Ecology. Honors Biology is designed for students who may elect to take Honors/AP Science courses in subsequent years. Students in this course will be expected to do work that is qualitatively different from students in Biology.  
     The posted lessons are the general topics and subject to change due to class pace, delays, and unforseen circumstances.  
    All specific reading, lecture, lab materials as well as enrichment activities are available on my Google Classroom page.
    Weekly Lesson Plan
    10/21/19 - 10/25/19 
     Monday 10/21_ pH Indicator Lab
      Tuesday 10/22_Quarter 1 Comprehensive Exam
     Wednesday 10/23_Exam Results and Indicator Lab Report
     Thursday 10/24_Characteristics of Life
     Friday 10/25_Homeostasis Overview