• Classroom Rules and Procedures


    1. Be helpful.

    2. Be positive

    3. Be kind

    4. Be a problem solver

    5. Be resilient

    6. Be a leader

    7. Raise your hand in class.

    8. No talking when the teacher is talking.

    9. Treat school property properly.

    10. Use the pencil sharpener in the morning upon arrival. Sharpen two pencils for the day. 

    11.  Be prepared for learning. Pay attention and stay on task.

    12. When the lights are out, it is quiet time.

    13. Please remain quiet during bus time. 

    14.  Desks need to be cleaned out daily. Binders MUST go home every day.


         We will be implementing a comprehensive bullying prevention/social and emotional school wide program called Project TEAM.  Project TEAM aims to improve our school’s climate and culture, making sure all students feel connected and part of the TEAM!


     Throughout the year, students will learn the 6 foundations of Project TEAM: Helping others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, Problem Solving, Resiliency, and Leadership. Students will gain an understanding of what the foundations are and why they are important and how to implement them in their lives in and out of school.


     There are Project TEAM characters to go along with the foundations and the characters are also used to help students learn about careers.  The Project TEAM House is a symbol for all students; it represents unity, acceptance and teamwork. When we say “Are you in the house?” we are expecting that students are using the foundations and acting in positive ways to help and encourage everyone around them.

    Tickets will be given to the students when a teacher or staff member notice one of the school wide rules being implemented by a student. 


    When the entire class displays good behavior, gives extra effort or gets praised by a Specials Teacher, they will earn marbles for our class bucket.  When the bucket is full, the class will receive a special treat or reward.


    When a student breaks a rule, the student will put a warning stick in their behavior pocket.  If they break another rule on the same day, they will put another stick in their pocket and miss ten minutes off of their recess.  If they get a third stick on the same day, they will miss all of their recess and have an assignment to complete.  If they reach four sticks, I will call the parent or guardian to discuss the issues going on in school.


    A Reading Homework Packet will be sent home every Monday.  The packet includes high frequency words, spelling words, skills for the week and homework pages that need to be returned on Thursday of the same week.  If the student returns their homework for the week, they will receive Friday free time in the morning upon arrival to school.  If a student does not return their homework, they will have to remain in their seat and work on the assignments.