• A.P. English 11 Summer Reading

    Dear Advanced Placement English Student:

            You have elected to accept the challenge of a more rigorous academic experience. The Advanced Placement English Examinations, given annually in May to approximately 120,000 students, emphasize an analytical approach to literature. With that in mind, you will need to read the following novel:

    1984 by George Orwell

            Please keep a reading journal. The reading journal should include:

    1.   Summary of the chapters

    2.   Personal vocabulary list (word, part of speech, definition)

    3.   Memorable quotations (and your interpretation/thoughts)

    (Minimum 10 quotes)

    4.   You should answer the following questions:

    ·        What is the theme of the work?

    ·        How do plot and characterization illustrate the theme?

    ·        What literary devices does the author use to establish tone or attitude?

    ·        Is the title of the work significant? Why or why not? How?

    ·        Why did you like or dislike the book?

    For the first day of class:

    1.   Bring your reading journal.

    2.   Memorize one quote and bring a copy of the book with you.

    You will take a test the first week of school which will count as your first test grade.


    All work must be typed and submitted in a folder with your MLA heading on the front.

    Page 1: Write a brief paragraph (personal statement) explaining why you have elected to take the A.P. Honors English 11 class.

    Consecutive pages: Write a summary of each chapter or groups of short chapters. Follow each summary with a personal response to the reading. Your vocabulary list should accompany each section and include the sentence in which it appears in the text followed by its definition.

    Each section should include any memorable quotes and the interpretation.

    Last page: answer the 5 questions requested.


    If you have any questions: cathy.milinovich@bellevernonarea.net


    Read as often and as much as you can over the summer! A well-read person is a knowledgeable person.