• Medication in School

    The only medications that are given in school are those that are absolutely necessary.
    • Parents should make every effort to give medications at home.
    • Students are not permitted to take medications in school without the consent or knowledge of the nurse.
    • Nurses cannot administer any medications without written permission from parents and a physician's written order.

    Standing order medications are the over-the-counter (OTC) medicines ordered by Belle Vernon Area District Physician Dr. Marc Cordero that can be administered to students by the School Nurse once parental permission is given.  A list of standing order medications is in the student handbooks and on the Health Services web site.  Click here to view the Standing Orders (Elementary) // Standing Orders (Middle-High School):      The approval/disapproval section on the back of the emergency card must be checked and signed by the parent/guardian and returned to school immediately. Standing order medications will only be given to those students whose parents have given consent. 


    Scheduled medications are those medicines needed to be given during the school day. If  prescription or OTC medicines are required, written permission from the parent on the blue medication form and a physician order  must accompany the medicine. Physician's permission must include: name of student, name of medicine, dosage, time of administration, and signature of the physician.

    You may also click here for a copy of the medication form.


    Important Notes:

    • A responsible adult must bring medication to school.
    • Under no circumstances can a student bring in ADHD medication, pain medication or a controlled substance to school.
    • Prescribed medications must be in the original prescription container and properly labeled with student name, physician name, medication name, dosage, and time of administration.
    • Over-the-counter medication should be in the original sealed package.
    • Do not bring medicines in plastic bags or envelopes.  
    • Nurses will not and legally cannot administer any medication that is not in a prescription container.
    • Improperly labeled bottles will not be accepted.