•  PE Syllabus

    bva Physical Education



    Instructor Information:


    Teacher:     Mr. Drennen

                        Mr. Hamed

                        Ms. Kapar

     Room:       Gymnasium/Pool/Weight room/ Outside

     Contact:    Mr. Drennen            Phone: 724-808-2500 ext: 7203

                       Email:                      ron.drennen@bvasd.net


    Mr. Hamed              Phone: 724-808-2500 ext: 2062

                       Email:                      michael.hamed@bvasd.net


                      Mrs. Kapr                 Phone: 724-808-2500 ext: 2061

                       Email:                      Shara.kapr@bvasd.net


    Website: https://www.bellevernonarea.net/bvahs

    Click “teachers” link, and select assigned teacher to access PE assignments and updates on course information. Students are responsible for seeking class information online throughout the course of the school year.

    National Standards for Physical Education:

    Standard 1 - The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

    Standard 2 - The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

    Standard 3 - The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

    Standard 4 - The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

    Standard 5 - The physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.

    Due to Covid, some aspects of this class may be postponed or eliminated.  Areas with * are currently postponed


    Covid Protocol:

    • Students will report directly to the gymnasium and will place personal items in designated areas. Students will not be using lockerooms.

    • Students are required to wear sneakers for PE class as well as a mask while indoors.

    • Students are recommended to wear comfortable clothing or athletic attire for class.

    • Students must remain 6 ft apart at all times in order to follow safety protocol.

    • Students are NOT permitted to share PE equipment during class, ie. No passing, No touching, No rebounding, etc. No Exceptions. Safety is paramount. 

    • Students at times will have their own equipment for individual skills and games such as soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, yoga, fitness drumming, volleyball, fitness, etc.

    • Equipment will be disinfected after each class, similar to desks in classrooms.

    • Students may bring their own water bottle for class.

    • Classes will be going outside as often as possible. Please plan accordingly (bring hat, sunglasses, sunblock, headphones, etc.)

    • Masks must be worn at all times indoors unless instructor deems it safe to give a mask break. Repeated reminders to wear mask correctly will result in point loss and/or removal from class.


     Instructor Philosophy:

    The ultimate goal of Physical Education is to facilitate students in improving their quality of life through promotion of life long health enhancing physical activity.  Our goal is simple, to help motivate and encourage students to participate in physical activities for a lifetime. We want to improve every child’s overall quality of life. To do this, we need students to approach physical education with an open mind and be willing to try different activities as a team, working together with their peers towards common goals.

     Course Description:

    The BVA High School Physical Education course will incorporate the development of the 4 basic components of physical fitness; Strength/ Endurance Training, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance and Agility. You will experience 4 core units throughout the course of the school year with a wide variety of lifetime physical activities encompassed within each unit. The main focus of each unit will be:

    1. Individual, Team and Net Sports 2. Lifetime Games and Activities 3. Fitness 4. Aquatics

    Actual rotations will vary by teacher.

     Activities May Include:

    Individual/ Team/ Net Sports:

     Basketball          Soccer              Volleyball          Flag Football    Table Tennis  

    Hockey              Softball             Handball           Golf        Badminton        Tennis  

    Lifetime Games and Activities:

     Ultimate Frisbee      Capture the Flag     Team Building Activities      Speedball  

     Omnikin Ball            Pickle Ball         Kickball         Dance      Archery   Speedball   Picnic Games


    Activities May Include:

    Fitness Units:

     Physical Fitness Testing       Circuit Stations          Tabata Training       Crossfit         Weight Room     

     Proper Running Technique     Heart Rate Monitors (THR Zones)        FITT Principles    Yoga     Fitness Drumming

    Aquatics Units:

     12 Minute Swim Test     Swimming Stroke Instruction      Water Polo    Water Volleyball

    Water Baseball    Relays      Water Aerobics      Water Basketball   Boats and Ropes



    All grades will follow the BVA grading scale and will be determined by total points earned/total points possible.  Semester and final grades will reflect the cumulative total points from each 9 weeks. 










    Grading Categories and their Weights


    • Class work/Participation: (Formal Assessments):  Approximately 90% of total grade, 10 points per day, recorded daily.  Students daily points are determined by: following the daily grading scale and the level at which the unit/daily course objectives are met.  
    • Written Assessments, Quizzes & Activity Extension Assignments (Formal and Informal Assessments) may be added at the teacher’s discretion.
    • Attendance: A student may be absent for 5 class days before a grade of 0% is given per class missed. Students may be absent for one class in the pool per 9 weeks. Two or more absences earn a grade of 0% per day. The student is encouraged to attend makeup classes during and after school to earn class credit.

    Class Rules and Expectations:

    1.       Sportsmanship/ Respect: Encourages others, takes turns, shares with classmates, and does not put others down. Honor the commitment of others in your class by giving fully of yourself. Be respectful to the class, the teacher, and the equipment.

    2.     Effort/ Participation: Awesome participation, always on task, consistently pushes self, prepared for class activities.

    3.     Safety: Be safe. Create a level of safety so that other people can relax and feel comfortable.

    4.     Clothing: Student dresses in proper physical education attire which includes a PLAIN white t-shirt with the student’s first name written on the front and last name on back. Students name must be written onto shirt with a black or blue permanent marker to earn point for the day. Students must also wear athletic shorts or pants, and shoes.


    Ø Belle Vernon Area School District has a zero tolerance policy for the harassment and intimidation of others.

    Ø Foul language will not be tolerated.

    Ø Students are not permitted in the locker room area during classes without teacher permission.


    Physical Education Rubric:

    10 Points Per Day: (2) Dress (3) Warm-up (5) Participation




    Proficient / Basic

    Below Basic





    Sportsmanship / Respect

    Always respectful, encourages others, shares, no put-downs or profanity

    Respectful most of the time, takes turns, takes care of self

    Often requires interventions, displays disrespect & selfish behavior

    Active Participation /

    On Task Behavior

    Actively involved, great effort, on task during all parts of class,

    + Attitude

    Generally involved, good effort in most parts of class.  Minimal reminders,

    Average Attitude

    Minimal effort displayed, on task part of the class,

     - Attitude

    Safety / Rules

    Demonstrates proper safety at all times and follows all rules the first time

    Sufficiently demonstrates proper safety and follows directions most of the time

    Occasionally displays unsafe behavior & follows directions part or none of the time


    Wearing mask, Sneakers, Comfortable clothing or athletic attire


    Wearing mask, unable to participate due to inappropriate shoes.  May walk or lift weights for 1-3 pts





    • Any student who does not have proper shoes cannot participate in activities.
    • Students will have 5 minutes to dress from the time that the late bell rings before being considered tardy.  Multiple tardies will be assigned a detention according to school policy.
      Dress Requirements:
    • White t-shirt with first name on front, last on back, 2 inch lettering
    • Finger-tip length shorts or pants
    • No cut offs, short shorts, tank tops, showing mid-drift
    • Sneakers must be laced and tied
    • No big jewelry (earrings, chains, etc.)
    • One piece swim suit for ladies/ trunks that are secured at the waist for gentleman
      Locks are strongly suggested during PE.  You must provide your own locks.
      The school is not responsible for students’ personal belongings.  All belongings including locks must be removed from student PE lockers daily.


    Swimming units are conducted for two weeks each nine week period. 

    • If a student sits out of swimming due to a doctor’s note, there will be an alternative physical activity as well as a paper required in order to obtain credit.  If an excuse is needed, students are encouraged to obtain it as soon as possible.
    • There is no partial credit for the swim unit.  If a student does not dress or dresses and sits out, a grade of 0 will be earned for that class.
    • A student is allowed to miss one swim class without any deduction. All other must be made up or they will turn into zeros.

    Excuses MUST be turned in at least 1 WEEK prior to the swimming unit.  In order to receive credit for the swim unit, students with excuses will complete BOTH:

    ·         Land workouts during class in regular PE attire

    ·         Research papers will be due the first time then a student can go participate in a PE class if offered. If there is not a PE class, then the student will have a research paper to complete fot their grade.

    Also, females that do not participate due to feminine issues will receive a zero, but will be given the opportunity to attend make-up classes.

    Absent from class:

    • Students who have class every other day can be absent five (5) gym classes and one (1) swimming class without any deaductions. After that each day will be a zero.
    • Students who have class everyday can be absent 10 gym classes and one (1) swimming classes without any deductions. After that each day will be a zero.
    Class Make-Ups:
    • Students will have two weeks from the date of a required test, assignment, or class to make it up.  It is the student’s responsibility to check for missed assignments and schedule a make-up.
    • Make up options include: 1) Participation in another PE class,  2) make-up classes will be held each 9 weeks in the pool),  3) Trackable home workouts with Fitness Apps- further info can be accessed on schoolwires, or 4) BVA HS Phys. Ed Club activity make up. Ask your teacher for details.
    • Students will not be permitted to make up class if they have not dressed for class or the class absence is unexcused.



    • Students may only be excused from physical education with a medical excuse from a doctor (MedExpress does not count). No parent notes will be accepted. The school nurse can excuse a student from class in an emergency sickness. Students must obtain a note prior to coming to class.
    • There is a “Can Do” form (on schoolwires) for students to take to the doctors to be completed.
    • This form must be completed so teachers know what students can and cannot participate in during class activities.
    • Students who are excused from all types of physical activity will be required to complete a written assignment during class. Failure to turn assignments in on time will be zeros in the gradebook.
    • Extended Medical – may jeopardize credits needed for graduation and need to be handled through the student’s counselor and Physical Education Teacher. The semester may need to be rescheduled at a later date to earn the necessary credits for graduation.



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