• Mr. Humbert- Civics - Weekly Agenda




    April 11-15 Chapter 10

     Monday- Vocab Quiz


    -Turn in current event, Supreme Court case study

    -Vocab Quiz

    -Lecture on section 2 notes

    Tuesday- Lecture-1912

    -App: Top 5

    -Section 4 Notes

    -Lecture: election of 1912 and diagram

    Wednesday- Political Parties

    -App: D Q 3 and 4

    -Note Review

    -Political Party History Worksheet and Reading

    Thursday- Electoral College

    -Continue lesson from Wednesday


    Friday- Polling


    - Political Ideologies online quiz (see webpage) 

    April 4-8 Chapter 10

    Monday- Ch.10 Intro/ Notes

    -App: Vocabulary Section 1 and 2

    -Guided: Daily Quiz 1 and 2

    -Independent: Notes Section 1 and 2


    -Media: Political parties’ differences 

    Tuesday- Ch.10 Intro/ Notes

    -See Monday

    Wednesday- Quarterly

    -App: Vocabulary Section 3, Daily Quiz 3

    -Guided: Daily Quiz 3

    -Notes Section 3


    -5 box sheet: 3 parties

    Thursday- Vocab Quiz


    -Electoral College Video

    -5 Box sheet political parties

    Friday- Speaker

    -St. Vincent Program


    March 29- April 1 Chapter Current Events / Chapter 10

    Monday- No School

    Tuesday- Review Exam/ Current Events

    -App: Political Cartoon

    -Review Ch.7 Exam

    -Begin Current Events  

    Wednesday- Quarterly

    -Assessment: 3rd Quarterly Exam

    -Current Events: Political Race, Climate Change

    Thursday- Chapter 10

    -Note Packet


    Friday- Speaker

    -St. Vincent Program

    March 21-23 Chapter 7

     Monday- Plessy v Ferguson

    -App: Overview: Obama Cuba

    -Notes/Lecture: Supreme Court Case

    -Indepdendent:  Study Guide and Writing Prompt (Open notes)

    Tuesday- Exam

    -Chapter 7 Exam

    Wednesday- TBD

    -Current Events, PA State Court Lesson, or Brown v. Board of Edu.


    March 14-18 Chapter 7

    Monday- Lecture/Study Guide

    -App: Notes

    -Notes/Lecture: Supreme Court

    -Partner:  Study Guide

    Tuesday- Vocab Quiz

    -App: Ted Cruz Article

    -Assessment: Ch.7 Vocab Quiz

    Wednesday- Quarterly

    -Assessment: 3rd Quarterly Exam

    -Current Events: 8 Supreme Court Justices

    Thursday- State Court System

    -App: Review vocab

    -Guided: Court Pyramid Sheet

    -Independent: Notes

    Friday- Speaker

    -St. Vincent Program


    February 29- March 4 Chapter 7

    Monday- Current Events / Electoral College

    -App: Electoral College WS (Intro)

    -Notes/Lecture: North Korea

    -Current Events Packet:  Debate/News and Trends

    Tuesday- Current Events/ Super Tuesday

    -App: Super Tuesday video / 5 points box

    -Current Events: GMO/ 2nd Amendment

    Wednesday- Current Events/ Super Tuesday

    -App: Super Tuesday video / 5 points box (Clinton/Trump recap)

    -Current Events: Quizzes

    Thursday- Review Exam/Ch.7 Intro

    -App: 5 mins to finish any CE

    -Exam:  review and hand back ch.6 exam/short answer

    -Ch.7 Intro/ Vocab (Packet)

    Friday- Senior Projects

    -No School


    February 16-19  Chapter 6

     Tuesday- Ch.6

    -App: Daily quiz 4


    -Section 3

    Wednesday- Ch.6

    -App: Current Event Quiz


    -Media:  Electoral College

    Thursday- Electoral College

    -App: Current Event Quiz

    -Notes/Lecture on Electoral College

    -Worksheet on Electoral College

    Friday- Ch.6 Vocab Quiz

    -App: Vocab Quiz

    -Black History Month Lesson:  Obama

    February 8-12  Chapter 6

    Monday- Election 2016

    -New Hampshire Primary


    Tuesday- Current Events

    -New Hampshire Primary

    -Current Events

    Wednesday- Chapter 6 Intro

    -App: Type 1 writing: executive branch

    -Worksheet: Notepacket

    -Vocab Section ½

    -Notes Slide 1

    Thursday- Ch.6

    -App: Daily quiz 1


    -Section 1

    -Vocab Section 3

    Friday- Ch.6

    -App: Daily quiz 2


     February 1-5 Chapter 5

    Monday- Election 2016 Intro

    -Iowa Caucus video

    -App: Candidates stances

    -Building Vocabulary review

    -Worksheet- House number’s reading

    Tuesday- Congressional Seats

    -Apportioned Activity

    Wednesday- Chapter 5 Notes

    -App: Candidates stances

    -Worksheet: Non-copy review off board 

    -Media: Intro video

    Thursday- Exam

    -Ch.5 Exam

    Friday- Current Events

    -App: Candidates stances


    January 25-29  Chapter 5


    Monday- Chapter 5 Notes

    -Branches of government

    Tuesday- Chapter 5 Notes - Locked up

    -Campaign 2016

    -Cuba/US reading 

    Wednesday- Chapter 5 Notes

    - Worksheet: Note-study guide 

    -Media: Intro video

    Thursday- Chapter 5 Notes

    -Lecture/ Notes on Section 1

    Friday- Vocab Quiz

    -Vocabulary Quiz


    January 4-8  Chapter 4

     Monday- Chapter 1 Review

    -App: Main Idea Worksheet (recap)

    -Lecture/Notes- Section 1 (make sure you have notes and BOR study guide) 

    -Media Clips (BOR explained and Amendments)  

    Tuesday- Bill of Rights Quiz

    -App: Describe what the BOR is and its purpose


    - Guiding Reading: Poll Tax , 24th Amendment  

    Wednesday- Supreme Court Case Study

    - Worksheet: Schenck v united states

    Thursday- Supreme Court Case Study

    - Worksheet: Tinker v Des Moines

    -Review Study Guide

    Friday- Chapter Exam




    Monday- Dec 21

    -Lecture overview of Ch.4

    Tuesday- Dec 22

    - Bill of Rights Scenarios

    Wednesday- Dec 23

    - Bill of Rights Scenarios

    Dec 14-18  Chapter 4

    Monday- Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes

    -App: Vocab / Daily Quiz

    -Lecture/Notes- Section 1 

    -Bill of Rights Diagram

    -Current Events Packet Due

    Tuesday- Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes

    -Notes, All Section 1

    -Independent Reading- Top 5 Section 1

    - App: Current Event Review

    Wednesday- Chapter 1 Section 2 Notes

    - App: Vocab / Daily Quiz

    -Notes Section 2   

    Thursday- Chapter 1 Section 3 Notes

    - App: Vocab / Daily Quiz

    -Notes Section 2   

    Friday- Chapter 1 Note Wrap up

    -Wrap up notes

    -Vocabulary Quiz

    -Worksheet on BOR 


    Dec7-11  Chapter 3


     Monday- CWTC


    Tuesday- Current Events- World Affairs


    Wednesday- Current Events- World Affairs


    Thursday- Current Events- World Affairs


    Friday- Chapter 4 Intro

    -App- Vocab Quiz (not graded)

    -Reading summary


    -Vocabulary section 1

    Dec 2-4  Chapter 3

     Monday- No School

    Tuesday- No School

    Wednesday- Review Guide

    -Review branches quiz/ reinforce

    -Review notes

    -Independent worksheet- Review Guide for Ch.3

    Thursday- Exam Prep / Articles Lesson

    -Go over review sheet from Wednesday

    - Lecture/Notes/Guided worksheet on the 7 Articles of the Constitution

    Friday- Ch.3 Exam

    -Chapter 3 Exam 

    Nov 9-13  Chapter 3


    Monday- In-service- No School

    Tuesday- Conferences- No School

    * I will be leaving early at 3pm.  If you have any questions or concerns with your child, please stop before 3 or email me.  

    Wednesday- No School for Teachers and Students

    Thursday- Chapter 3: Note review / Checks and Balances

    Friday- Checks and Balances



    -Video clips

    -Homework:  1 Current event brief will be given.  Article will be included 

    Nov 2-6  Chapter 3


    Monday- Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes

    -App: Type 1- Current Event

    -Lecture/Notes- Section 1 

    -Preamble Quiz Review

    Tuesday- Chapter 1 Section 2 Notes


    -Video Clip

    Wednesday- Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes

    -Notes /Lecture

    -Go over outline  

    Thursday- Chapter 1 Section 3 Notes


    Friday- Chapter 1 Note Wrap up

    -Wrap up notes

    -Vocabulary Quiz  


    Oct 26-30  Chapter 3


    Monday- Chapter 3 Intro/ Make up Quarterly/ CE Due

    -App: Type 1- Section 1 intro reading

    -Preamble Activity

    Tuesday- Preamble



    Wednesday- Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes

    -Notes /Lecture

    -Go over outline  

    Thursday- Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes


    Friday- Chapter 1 Section 1 Notes



    Oct 19-23  Current Events/ Quarterly


    Monday- CE

    -Europes Migrant Crisis Disucssion/Map (Summary Sheet)

    -American Diet (video)

    Tuesday- Abercrombie/Supreme Court

    -Discussion (Summary Sheet and Quiz)

    Wednesday- Abercrombie/Supreme Court part 2 (The ruling)

    -NY Times Article.  Type 1 writing.  Quiz

    -US religion composition pie chart worksheet/ Discussion  

    Thursday- Review Chapter 2 Exam/ Quarterly Prep

    -Review exam

    -Current Event video (4min) on Diet/ Donald Trump

    -Independent Activity: Debate

    Friday- Quarterly

    -Multiple Choice / Writing Prompt  


    Oct 12-16  Chapter 2 Exam

    Monday- Notes/Lecture

    -App: Type 1 writing: DOI

    -Lecture/Notes Slide 1 Section 3 Chapter 3  

    Tuesday- Notes/Lecture

    -App: Type 1 writing: Constitutional Convention

    -Lecture/Notes Slide 2/3 Section 3 Chapter 3  

    Wednesday- Flex

    -App: DOI and Const. Conv. Videos

    - Essential Questions Activity

    -Chapter 2 Review  

    Thursday- Ch.2 Exam

    -All concepts in chapter 2.

    Friday- Current Event Overview

    -App: Type 1 Migration

    -Overview of articles (15mins)

    -Independent:  News and Trends/Debate


    Oct 4-8  Chapter 2

    Monday- Notes / Vocab Quiz

    -Lecture/Review all sections

    -Appetizer: none 

    Tuesday- Review for Forms of Gov Quiz

    -Review study guide

    Wednesday- Forms of Gov Quiz

    -Forms of Government Quiz

    -Current Events: 1 Article 15 pts (homework) 

    Thursday- Cooperative Learning

    -Foundations of Gov. Activity

    Friday- Cooperative Learning

    -Media review: Declaration of Independence and the Constitution 



    Sept 28- Oct 2- Chapter 2

    Monday- Notes

    -Lecture/Review section 1 notes

    -Appetizer: Daily Q 1 

    Tuesday- Notes

    -Lecture/Review section 2 notes

    -Appetizer: Daily Q 2 

    Wednesday- Notes

    -Lecture/Review section 3 notes

    -Appetizer: Daily Q 3 

    Thursday- Vocabulary Quiz

    -Chapter 2 Diagrams/Charts/Video

    Friday- Cooperative Learning- Web quest

    -US Demographics Activity

    -Census Bureau


    ***Disclaimer: Class Objectives, Assignments, Activities, and Assessments may change due to pace of class, closures, delays, etc.***

    "Access the future through excellence in education"
    Sept 21-25th- Chapter 2

    Monday- Current Events

    -Independent Current Events Activity

    Tuesday-Current Events

    -Iran Deal, Confederate Flag, Election 2016

    Wednesday- Current Events Debate 

    -Supreme Court Debate (current ruling’s-power) and Videos

    ****If you miss any day this week you must log into upfront and view/complete the above assignments and activities. 

    Thursday- Chapter 2 Intro

    -Chapter 2 Intro/ Note packets.  (Appetizer: Naturalization Exam )

    Friday- Current Events Due / Chapter 2 Notes

    -Notes/Lecture (Appetizer: American Perspectives)

    Sept 14-18th

    Monday- Notes, Section 3, Naturalization Process

    -Lecture/Review all notes.  Naturalization Process diagram and questions. 

    -Geography Appetizer- Basic Concepts Part 2

    Tuesday- Group Activity

    -Main Idea Group Activity. Minority Pie Chart Overview.  Minority chart questions

    -End Activity- Presidential Rankings 

    Wednesday- Review guide- Immigration Lesson 

    -Review study guide, Immigration activity/Video. 

    -Geography Appetizer- Political Cartoon

    Thursday- Exam

    -Chapter 1 Exam

    Friday- Current Events #2



    Sept 8-11th

    Tuesday- Notes, Section 2

    -Chapter 2 section notes.  (Finish chapter 1/Lecture).  Current Event grades posted.

    -Geography Appetizer


    Wednesday- Notes, Section 3

    -Chapter 1 Section 3 notes

    -Geography Appetizer: name as many states as you can in 5 mins


    Thursday- Notes, Section 3 Wrap up

    -Chapter 1 section 3 notes, Section 2 and 3 Daily quiz (in notes)


    Friday- Vocab Quiz

    -Chapter 1 vocab quiz.  9/11 Lesson.

    -Web -quest on Monday / Minority Chart activity


    ***Disclaimer: Class Objectives, Assignments, Activities, and Assessments may change due to pace of class, closures, delays, etc.***

    "Access the future through excellence in education"

    Aug 31-Sept 4th

    Monday- Current Events Cont.

    -10 things you need to know about China, Video Clip, Debate

    Tuesday- Notes Chapter 1 section 1

    -Note guide

    Wednesday- Current Events due/ Notes

    -Chapter 1 section 2

    Thursday- Notes Chapter 1 section 3

    -Chapter 1 section 3, Geography review of Continents and Oceans.

    Friday- Vocabulary Quiz

    -Chapter 1 Vocab Quiz, Begin Webquest


    ***Disclaimer: Class Objectives, Assignments, Activities, and Assessments may change due to pace of class, closures, delays, etc.***

    "Access the future through excellence in education"