Weekly Hero

Every Child is a Hero

  • All students in our class will have the opportunity to be the Hero of the Week!  Each student will be given a week to be the “Star”!  When it is your child’s week, I will send home two fun activity sheets for you to complete with your child and return on the following Monday!  You can also send in photographs and items to decorate the “Hero of the Week” bulletin board.  Also, the Hero of the Week will be allowed to bring in one toy and one book from home to share with their classmates as a fun way for each child to share a little bit about themselves.

    Below are the papers that each child will be given when it is his or her turn to be the Hero of the Week.  I will give these papers out the Friday (or last day of the school week) before each child's turn, but they will be in grayscale while the ones posted on the website will be colored.  Also, please send in any additional pictures that you would like to be hung up on the Hero Board for your child's turn.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!