• Metals and Textiles

    This site is still under development.  Thank you for your patience. 

    Use Google Classroom code: xlfjyj4 to stay up to date, and see current assignments!

    I will post links on our classroom webpage as well!  LINK: https://www.bellevernonarea.net/Page/5540

    Everyone in the class has internet capabilities, so we will be able to watch videos, share images, visit websites, and communicate as needed!!!

    If you or your family need to contact me M-F 7:30am – 3pm:

    Send an email…… I get them through my cell phone!

    You can call the art room extension 2208…… I will not be able to answer because I am at home, but if you leave a message, I can listen to it through email!  I can return calls through a google phone!

    For assignments if you are having issues, GET CREATIVE!..... text a friend and have them relay the message for you!



    Log on to google classroom on April 1st and answer the questions in the new topic that will be posted!