• Physical Education Rubric

    10 Points Per Day: (2) Dress (3) Warm-up (5) Participation



    Proficient / Basic

    Below Basic





    Sportsmanship / Respect

    Always respectful, encourages others, shares, no put-downs or profanity

    Respectful most of the time, takes turns, takes care of self

    Often requires interventions, displays disrespect & selfish behavior

    Active Participation /

    On Task Behavior

    Actively involved, great effort, on task during all parts of class,

    + Attitude

    Generally involved, good effort in most parts of class.  Minimal reminders,

    Average Attitude

    Minimal effort displayed, on task part of the class,

     - Attitude

    Safety / Rules

    Demonstrates proper safety at all times and follows all rules the first time

    Sufficiently demonstrates proper safety and follows directions most of the time

    Occasionally displays unsafe behavior & follows directions part or none of the time


    White t-shirt, legible first name on front, last on back, athletic shorts or pants, sneakers

    Wearing sneakers but missing some attire such as a white t-shirt, name on shirt, wearing jeans, etc.

    Unable to participate due to inappropriate shoes.  May walk or lift weights for 1-3 pts.



    Healthy, Active Students Make Better Learners