• The following students have been called back for the following roles in CINDERELLA.


    Please pick up callback audition packets by the end of the day on Friday, December 6th.



    Emma Bellissimo, Paige Crowson, Makenzie Heckel, Gianna Lorenzo, Meg Miller Avery Ochs, Alexis Olup, Hannah Wagner



    Dimitri Apodiakos, Bowdie DuBreucq, Garrett Fedor, Talen Slebodnik, Anthony Stone, Brandon Tielsch, Danny Truong



    Makenzie Heckel, Meg Miller, Hannah Wagner, Shannon Zelinksy



    Josh Lang, Brandon Tielsch, Danny Truong, Bruce Lowther, Bowdie DuBreucq, Cameron Tilson, Talen Slebodnik, Anthony Stone



    Makenzie Heckel, Gianna Lorenzo, Emma Bellissimo, Hannah Wagner, Alexis Olup, Paige Crowson, Shanon Zelinsky



    Makenzie Heckel, Avery Ochs, Gianna Lorenzo, Emma Bellissimo, Hannah Wagner, Alexis Olup, Lindsay Nagy, Sienna Lehner, Meg Miller



    Josh Lang, Dimitri Apodiakos, Danny Truong, Garrett Fedor, David Grace, Bruce Lowther, Korey Sheehan, Andrew Kurta, Cameron Tilson


    Lord Pinkleton

    Josh Lang, Danny Truong, Garrett Fedor, Bruce Lowther, Bowdie DuBreucq, Talen Slebodnik, Anthony Stone