• Friends First Club 




    • To encourage a mentorship between special education students and their peers


    • To be a buddy for social events, sports events/competitions & recreational activities within the school & community as we unite with neighboring school districts with similar programs 




    • To help students with developmental disabilities gain a sense of belonging and acceptance at BVA High School. Athletics and Clubs are the most common ways a student connects with the school and friends


    • To help students develop meaningful relationships and friendships outside of their special education program by providing a common bond through planned & coordinated sports, social events & recreational activities.


    • To be a positive role model & help the students develop social skills through appropriate inclusion. Research shows that improving social competence is the key to integrating people with disabilities into the community


    • To encourage peers to develop a more accepting attitude towards individuals that may look, act or think differently from themselves. This new attitude will be carried into adulthood


    • Fact: Being an active member of Friends First looks great on a resume', job or college application!



    • You’ve Got a Friend Day @ Twin Lakes Park 
    • BVA activities (we plan & host events to spend time with our elementary & middle school special needs friends) such as bowling, mini-golf & movie matinee
    • Activities in community with neighboring high schools 
      • Halloween Dance
      • Volleyball Tournament 
      • Soccer /  Kickball Tournament
      • Valentine’s Dance 
      • Life Skills Prom 
      • Minute to Win It 
    • Volunteer Special Olympics 
    • Unified Track team 
    • Possibility of after-school activities; lunch buddies & job partners 
    • Be a friend in room #410 (movies, cooking, crafts, yoga, dance, Wii, games, social skills, workshops & Friday Fun Day etc.)