Name:   Mr. Boggs
    Classroom:  Rm 108
    Grade:  9-12
    Click on Honors Geometry, Geometry, or Foundations for class assignments during school closure, assignments are posted each week with due dates.  I will post answer keys to check your work.
    Students could go to khan academy for additional help and video instructions.
    Mr. Boggs Geometry class code for Khan Academy X6NRXXPN
    The khan academy videos cover the same topics that are on the printed assignment for class and would make them easier to complete if you watch the videos before doing the worksheets.
    Geometry textbook and resource materials are available online.
    Go to bigideasmath.com 
    Click on New to Bigideasmath
    Enter Access Code : BNGS-NH38-XZD2
    Setup up user name and password for the site and write them down
    Please return your Geometry textbook to the school as soon as possible.