• "Indulgence" Recycled Plastic.
    Recycled plastic
    From my Artist -in- Residence
    at IUP 2013 
    Name: Andrew Fecik
    Email: Andrew.Fecik@bellevernonarea.net
    Classroom: ART
    Grade: HS
    Help Hours:
    Students are always encouraged to work in the art room after school for direct assistance! (excluding days scheduled for faculty meetings or previous appointments)  
    Students may also ask permission to work in the art room during his/her scheduled study hall time. Please note, these students will be considered "visiting students" and will be expected to work quietly and respectfully.  ***Students must report to study hall first, and provide a signed pass to be permitted in the art room.      

     "You begin with the possibilities of the material."
    -Robert Rauschenberg 
    The Art curriculum is designed to challenge each student to create original works of high technical quality. The students will grow personally in skills and expression, and also gain confidence, practice cooperation, and utilize problem solving.