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    Ms. Ellis
    Room 203
    BCIT Instructor
     Office 365 (8th Grade)
    Coding & Keyboarding (7th Grade)
    BCIT Partners
    Lab/Help Hours - 7:30-8:15 am
    Office 365 is a required nine-week course designed to introduce students to basic Word, Excel, and PowerPoint functions.  These are essential tools for any individual in today’s digital age.  Skills and features are presented are very basic as this is an introductory class.
    Computer keyboarding is designed to reinforce the proper techniques of keyboarding and afford supervised practice designed to benefit each student throughout his/her lifetime.  Time will be spent developing proper keyboarding techniques and for the continued improvement in keyboarding skills leading to mastery. 

    Regardless of what a student's ultimate career goals may be, keyboarding skills are essential to students in their preparation for their role as consumers, citizens, and life-long learners.  These skills, learned today, will help open the doors to success tomorrow.  Block coding will also be introduced.

    Because this program is internet-based, students are also able to complete activities and practice anywhere they have a computer and internet access.  PLEASE REMIND THE STUDENT THAT COMPLETING THE LESSONS IS IMPORTANT, BUT PROPER TECHNIQUE IS ALSO REQUIRED!!

    A career research unit will also be included in each course so that students can continue the processing of selecting a future career. Digital Literacy and Social Media are also topics that are addressed.
    Students are encouraged to utilize morning lab time to visit the computer lab if extra time is needed to complete assignments.  
    All procedures, rules, and lesson plans on this site are in effect for Office 365 and Keyboarding 7.  They are subject to change at the discretion of Administration or the teacher. 

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.