Spanish I-Chapter 5

    4th nine weeks assignments:

    Due by Monday, June 1st

    You can send them as you complete them or all at once

    wkbk 5.11

    wkbk 5.12/5.13

    text pgs 168/169 ex: 2-6 (3 in sentences)

    text pg 171 ex: 1-5(1,3 and 4 in sentences)

    wkst 67 -sports vocab

    wkst magic squares-sports vocab

    wkst S2/S3-stem changers

    wkst 82-stem changers

    wkst 76- stem changers

    wkst 46/47-stem changers


    wkbk 5.5, 5.8, 5.17,5.18, 5.19

    wkst 45

    wkst 92


    Due by Friday, May 15th

    You can send them as you complete them or all at once

    wkbk 5.3/5.4

    wkbk 5.6/5.7

    wkbk 5.9/5.10

    text pgs 164/165 ex: 2,3,4,5(ex 3 in sentences)

    wkst 25/26-sports vocab

    wkst 193/223-stem changers

    wkst 72-stem changers



    wkbk 4.10,4.11,4.12,4.13,4.14,4.19

    wkst 75-in chapter 4

    wkst 15/16-in chapter 4



    Due by Thursday, April 30th

    Chapter 4

    You can send them as you complete them or all at once

    wkst IR5***use ir+a+infinitive

    wkst IR6***use tener

    wkst 65/66***mix of verbs with infinitives

    wkst 5/6***mix of all present tense***watch your endings

    Menu project 

    sports vocab-copy and define text pg 189

    Check your email for extra vocab and notes to copy


    Due by Wednesday, April 15th

    You can send them as you complete them or all at once

    wkst 4/5-er/ir verbs

    wkst 53-food vocab

    wkst I9-ir+a+infinitives ***Use notes to complete***

    wkst A9-acabar wkst ***Use notes to complete***

    Continue working on menu project -Due by Thursday, April 30th


    Remember that you do NOT need to print all the worksheets. The worksheets that are listed here will be on my website by clicking HERE.

    You can turn in work any of the following ways:

    1. Type answers in an email and send it to me

    2. Use a google doc and share with me

    3. Take a picture of the worksheet and email it to me

    4. Take a picture of your hand-written answers and email it to me

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     ***Help hours:12:40-1:20 Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Zoom
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