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     Welcome to Mrs. Kristen's Biology 10 Class!!!
    Period 7/8
    Students in thus class will become more acquainted with the fundamental concepts an ideas of biology that will be used to help you understanding living things better and how they interact.
    This course is also designed to help you perform well in future science classes and on the Biology Keystones.
    Teacher: Mrs. Kristen
    Room 114
    Email: heather.kristen@BVASD.net or heather.kristen@bellevernonarea.net --BEST WAY to communicate with me
    Phone: 724-808-2500 ext 2114
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    Quizlet: For Vocabulary Lists and TEST Reviews Only
    Classroom Procedures and Policies---Powerpoint Format
    Remind Sign Up Instructions
    Day 2                   Tuesday, January 22- ---Discovery of the Cell Timeline
                                                                    Start the 3 Major Parts of the Cell Notes
    Day 3                   Wednesday, January 23          Start the 3 Major Parts of the Cell Notes
    Day 4                   Thursday, January 24----Plasma Cell Membrane Reading
                                                                       Start Cell Membrane Notes
    Day 5                  Friday, January 25--- Cell Membrane Notes
    Day 6                 Monday, January 28.     Finish Cell Membrane Notes
                                                                      Cell Membrane WS Membrane Wrap Up WS
    Day 1                   Tuesday, January 29.      - Cell Membrane WS Membrane Wrap Up WS
                                                                      Homeostasis Notes 
    Day 2                   Wednesday, January30         Homeostasis Keystone ReviewHomeostasis Keystone REV WS
    Day 3                   Thursday, January 31-  Homeostasis Keystone ReviewHomeostasis Keystone REV WS        
                                                            Nucleus Notes and Nucleus WS Nucleus WS 
    Day 6                Monday, February 11       Animal Cell Organelles and WS Organelle WS 
    Day 1                  Tuesday, February 12          Plant Notes
    Day 2                   Wednesday, February 13    Plant Cell Worksheet Plant vs Animal Cell WS 
    Day 3                 Thursday, February 14         Wrap Up the Cell Structures and Functions
                                                                        Cell Wrap Up WS  
    Day 5                 Tuesday, February 19          Cell Transport Vocabulary Cell Transport Vocabulary 
    Day 6                  Wednesday, February 20        Wrap Up the Cell Structures and Functions
    Day 1                Thursday, February 21.           Diffusion Notes
                                                                        Cell Transport Reading Cell Transport Read 
    Day 1                 Monday, March 4        Diffusion Notes
                                                                    Cell Transport Reading Cell Transport Read 
    Day 2                  Tuesday, March 5       Cell Structure and Function Test   
    Day 3                  Wednesday, March 6    Facilitated Diffusion Notes
    Day 4                  Thursday, March 7       Osmosis Notes
                                Friday, March 8                Senior Projects---OFF
    Day 5             Monday, March 11.         Its Your Turn Keystone Review Transport 
                                                                      Introduction to Chemical Reactions
                                                                     Reading---Chemical Reaction Reading
    Day 6             Tuesday, March 12                Enzyme Notes
    Day1               Wedensday, March 13            Enzyme Notes and Examples
                                                                     It's Your Turn Keystone Review---Enzymes
                                                                     Keystone Review--Enzymes
    Day 2               Thursday, March 14          It's Your Turn Keystone Review---Enzymes
                                                                     Keystone Review--Enzymes
    Day 3               Friday, March 15.          Cellular Energy Vocabulary and Reading
    Day 4                 Monday March 18           It's Your Turn Keystone Review---Enzymes
                                                                     Keystone Review--Enzymes
    Day 5                 Tuesday, March 19       Cellular Energy Vocabulary and Reading
    Day 6                Wednesday, March 20     ATP Notes and Start Photosynthesis
    Day 1                 Thursday, March 21        Cellular Energy Vocab Quiz and Calvin Cycle Notes
    Day 2                 Friday, March 22              Calvin Cycle Wrap Up
                                                                       Photosynthesis Wrap Up WS Photo Wrap Up WS
    Day 2     Monday  Nov 5---Kingdom Reading
    Day 3 .   Tuesday  Nov 6----Kahoot and Test review
    Day 4 .   Wednesday Nov 7----Character, Taxonomy and Kingdom Test
    Day 5      Thursday Nov 8---Chemistry in Biology Vocab and Notes
    Day 6 .    Friday .   Nov 9----Chemistry Notes
    Day 1                  Tuesday, November 27--- Atom OpenerAtom Opener and Finish Notes 
    Day 2                  Wednesday, November  28---Let's Review Chemistry in Biology WorksheetReview WS
    Day 3                  Thursday, November 29--   Water Vocabulary Vocab List
                                                                       Water Reading Reading
    Day 4                   Friday, November 30----Water Notes Note Sheet   
    Day 5                   Monday, December 3---Let's Review Chemistry in Biology WorksheetReview WS
    Day 6                   Tuesday, December 4 Water Vocabulary Vocab List
      Water Reading Reading
     Day 1                  Wednesday, December 5---- Water Notes Note Sheet     
    Day 2                 Thursday, December 6----Vocabulary Quiz
                                                                         Water Notes Note Sheet  
                                                                                                       Water OCR .    Water OCR pdf
      Day 3                 Friday, December 7--- Water Review Worksheet Water Review Worksheet
    Day 4                  Monday, December 10---Water Opener--Keystone Review
                                                                      Finish WS 2.2
    Day 5                 Tuesday, December 11-- Mixtures and Solutions NotesMixture and Solution Notesheet
    Day 6                  Wednesday, December 12---Mixture Opener Finish Notes . Mixture Opener
    Day 1                   Thursday, December 13---   Solutions Opener .  Solution Opener
                                                                         Let's Review Mixture WS . WS
    Day 2                   Friday, December 14---Kahoot!
    Day 3                    Monday, December 17---Organic Molecule Vocab and Reading
    Day 4                   Tuesday, December 18--- Chemistry and Water Test
    Day 5                    Wednesday, December 19-- Chemisty Keystone Review WS
    Day 6                     Thursday, December 20--- Christmas Break Activity
    Day 1                  Wednesday, January 2--- Chemistry Keystone Review Sheet Keystone Rev WS
    Day 2                  Thursday, January 3-- Introduction to Organic Molecule Notes Notepacket
    Day 3                   Friday, January 4--Vocab Quiz and  Carbon OCR   OCR
    Day 4                 Monday, January 7---Compare Carbohydrates and Lipids Venn Diagram
                                                              Lipid vs  Carbohydrate OCR Lipid Vs. Carb OCR      
    Day 5                 Tuesday, January 8 ---Protein Notes  Protein Notes Sheet
                                                                      Protein Review Protein Review Sheet
    Day 6                 Wednesday, January 9--Nucleic Acid Notes Nucleic Acid Notes
                                                                 Exit Ticket ---Macrolecules Exit Ticket
                                                                  Molecule Matching Molecule Match WS
    Day 1                  Thursday, January  10--     Macromolecule Challenge
    Day 2                   Friday, January 11.        Macromolecule Review WS Organic Molecule Wrap Up WS
    Day 3                Monday, December 14--Nucleic Acid Notes Nucleic Acid Notes
                                                                 Exit Ticket ---Macrolecules Exit Ticket
                                                                  Molecule Matching Molecule Match WS
    Day 4                 Tuesday, January 15--     Macromolecule Challenge
                                                                 Macromolecule Review WS Organic Molecule Wrap Up WS
    Day 5            Wednesday, January 16       --Day The Cell Vocabulary The Cell Vocab
                                                                   Discovery of the Cell Reading Discovery of the Cell Reading
     Day 6             Thursday, January 17      .   Organic Molecule Keystone Review WS O.M Keystone Review WS 
                                                                     Discovery of the Cell Timeline
    Day 1                 Friday, January 18 - --- Start the 3 Major Parts of the Cell Notes
    1st Quarter  Weekly Calendar
    Day 1      Mon Aug 27--  Welcome to Class---Seating Chart---Schedule---- Biology Challenge
    Day 2     Tues Aug 28---   Set Goal ---Give out Syllabus----Procedures and Policies---- See links Above 
    Day 3     Wed Aug 29---  Go Over Biology Challenge--Continue Procedures and Policies
    Day 4    Thurs Aug 30---  Pass out Folder---Organize Binders 
    Day 5     Friday Aug 31--- Nature of Science Reading and Questions---N of S Reading--inclass
                                          Scientific Method Vocabulary Vocabulary   Quizlet for Vocabulary 
    Monday, September 3----OFF
    Day 6      Tuesday, September 4---  Methods of Science Reading M of S Reading--- due at the end of class
                                             Biological Basics Notes---Nature of Science and Methods of Science
                                            Note Sheet and Nature of Science and Scientific MethodPowerpoint
    Day 1       Wednesday, September 5--- Scientific Method Vocab QUIZ  and Finish Notes
    Day 2         Thursday, September 6-----Penicillin Activity Penicillin Activity----due end of class/hw                                                                          for Thursday
    Day 3          Friday, September 7----Vocab Quiz and Notes          
    Day 4        Monday September 10 -------Continue Scientific Method Notes 
    Day 5         Tuesday, September 11--- -Penicillin Activity Penicillin Activity----
    Day 6        Wednesday, September 12-  Graph Notes and Assignment (in class)-
                                                                   Graphing Activity Activity----       
    Day 1        Thursday, September 13--- Metric System Notes and Assignment
     Day 2       Friday, September 14 ---Start Scientific Method Group Activity                                                                                                         Group Activity
    Day 3      Monday, September 17-  Graph Notes and Assignment (in class)-
    Day 4        Tuesday, September 18--- Graphing Activity Activity----      
     Day 5       Wednesday, September 19 ---Metric System Notes and Assignment
     Day 6        Thursday, September  20----Start Scientific Method Group Activity                                                                                                         Group Activity
    Day 1         Friday, September 21--- Finish Scientific Method Group Activity
    Day 2        Monday, September 24-- Characteristics of Life Vocab Vocab
                                                           and  Reading Assignment Reading
    Day 3       Tuesday, September 25----Finish ReadingReview with Kahoot!
    Day 4        Wednesday, September 26-- Scientific Method Test  
    Day 5         Thursday, September 27---- Vocab Quiz and CHaracteristics of Life Notes--Note Packet
    Day 6         Friday, September 28----Finish Notes and Wrap Up Worksheet Life Wrap Up Worksheet
                                                           Scientific Inquiry Study Island Due 
    Day 1         Monday, October 1--- Finish Reading Reading and CHaracteristics of Life Notes--Note Packet
    Day2          Tuesday, October  2----Finish Notes
    Day 3          Wednesday, October 3----Life Activity Group
    Day 4          Thursday, October 4-------Wrap Up Worksheet Life Wrap Up Worksheet and 
                                                           Open Constructive Response Question-- Life OCR
    Day 5          Friday, October 5---   Species Interaction Notes Note Packet
    Day 5          Monday, October 15------Practice Open Constructive Response Question-- Life OCR
                                                           Species Interaction Notes Note Packet
    Day 6          Tuesday, October 16--- Finish Notes and Species Interaction Worksheet Worksheet
    Day 1         Wednesday, October 17---- Intro to Taxonomy Notes Notes Sheet
    Day  2          Thursday, October 18----Continue Taxonomy Notes
    Day  3          Friday, October 19---Prokaryotes vs Eukaryote Notes
    Day 4        Monday, October 22---- Intro to Taxonomy Reading 
    Day  5          Tuesday, October 23---- 1st Quarter Assessment
    Day 6         Wednesday, October 24----Intro to Taxonomy Notes Notes Sheet
    Day  1          Thursday, October 25---Continue Taxonomy Notes
    Day 2           Friday, October 26---Dichotomous Key Notes and Examples