Welcome to Mr Mills' Algebra II, Statistics and AP Music Theory Classes!
    I promise you that I will work hard to prepare, just as I expect you to work hard to learn.  I will be considerate and respectful of you, just as I expect you to be considerate and respectful of me and each other. 
    I promise to help each and every one of you learn for I KNOW that each and every one of you is capable!
    Please click on the following links to view the appropriate Syllabus.  Please READ IT WITH YOUR STUDENT and make sure you have no questions regarding it's contents or the expectations/requirements for the course.  You must print and sign the last page and have the signed form turned into me by Friday, September 1st.  Thank you! 
    Algebra II:  Algebra II SYLLABUS
    Statistics:   Statistics SYLLABUS
    AP Music Theory:  AP Music Theory Syllabus
     *** Please note that regarding homework assignments, students are required to be organized about their HW.  They are to PROPERLY LABEL and WRITE OUT THE ORIGINAL PROBLEM, AND SHOW ALL STEPS FOR SOLVING IT FULL CREDIT.  (4 points per day)
    A main goal this year for the students is that they learn to take OWNERSHIP of their own understanding of the material.  They must be proactive in asking questions and taking the steps necessary to understand the material and be able to do it on their own.  My motto this year, "I CAN EXPLAIN IT TO YOU, BUT I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT FOR YOU!"
    Mr. Mills