•    7th GRade Math

    Name:  Christopher Stasicha    

    Email:  chris.stasicha@bvasd.net     

    Extention:  3104

    Phone:  724-243-2458 

    Room:  104    

    Classes:  7th Grade Pre-Algebra & 7th Grade Algebra 1A

    Office hours for zoom meetings:  9:00 - 9:40


    Please click on the links below to see the assignmnets from May 18  June 1.  

    Please remember to use your username and password on IXL, or you will not get credit.


    Pre-Alg Plans May 18 to June 1

    Alg1A Plans May 18 to June 1


     Your Smart Score from IXL is your grade for the assignment. 


    Yearbook message from Mrs. Frow