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    Name: Todd Yancey
    Grade: 7th & 8th grade English & Reading
    Online office hours:
    Reading 8: Monday & Wednesday 12:40-1:20
    English 8: Tuesday & Thursday 9:40-10:20
    English 7: Monday & Wednesday 9:40-10:20
    (These are the hours that I will be readily available to answer questions. I still will respond as soon as possible outside of these hours. Responses will be Monday-Friday 7:45AM - 3:15PM)
    For online distance learning, I will be exclusively using Google Classroom for all class communication and posting of assignments. The following codes are for students to join classes under their school Google account:
    To enter Google Classroom, please click HERE.
    Reading 8 Google Classroom Code: 2jlf2so
    English 8 Google Classroom Code: x3wqvfk
    English 7 Google Classroom Code: iu3c5k4
    Click the following link below for important class information
    Important Class Information
    Click the following link:
    Writing, reading, vocabulary, grammar, and all things English. Helping students gain insight into English skills one lesson and project at a time.