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    Fairness does not mean everyone receives the same; 
    Fairness allows everyone to receive what they need. 
    That way everyone has an equal chance to succeed.
                                                        ~ Anonymous

    Name: Jennifer Osborne

    Classroom: RM #116

    Grade: 7-8 Life Skills Support

    Phone: 724-808-2500 Ext. 3116

    Email: Jennifer.Osborne@bvasd.net


    Distance Learning Instruction:

    Please be sure to follow me on ClassDojo in order to recieve pertinent information reguarding our class. 

    Links will be provided on Class Dojo as well as under the Classroom Websites tab for the neccessary pages needed for instruction at this time. All page links were also e-mailed along with needed usernames and passwords for the specific links. 


    Course Information: 

    The life skills class is designed to help students meet their IEP goals and to help them prepare for life after high school. We will be working to do this through online learning at this time. Online instruction and activities will be directly related to IEP Goals and transition planning. This information will be presented through Google Classrooms as well as Class Dojo. The lessons will focus on language arts, mathematics, social sciences, and daily living skills. Visuals and videos will assist with these skills and work to relate it to real life, as best as possible. This course will also incorporate related services required to meet the needs of each child. Student success will be shown if we all work as a team! Here we go!! Let’s work to reach the stars! :)


    Office Hours: 

    I will be available for contact during the hours below. Feel free to email me at any time, but during the hours below I will be available for immediate feedback on questions. Please use the email above or Class Dojo to reach me.

    Mon-Thur 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

    Please schedule meeting times for Friday, if needed.