• Welcome!!!     Welcome to Kindergarten     Welcome!!!

    Contact Information!!!!!
        Teacher:  Mrs. Alice E. W. Breckenridge
            Email:  Alice.Breckenridge@bvasd.net
         Classroom:  Room #105
         Help Hours:  By phone =  724-808-2500 (ext. 4105)     
                                                Monday thru Friday 8:00-8:40 & 3:15-3:40
                                        By e-mail = Anytime!!!!

    Upcoming Events!!!!!   

    Mon., May 20th     Happy Birthday, Tristan!!!

                                 ABC Countdown = Letter O (Outside Day)

    Tues., May 21st     Day #170 = 10 days of school left

                                 ABC Countdown = Letter P (Popcorn Day)

    Wed., May 22nd     ABC Countdown = Letter Q  (Quiet Day)

    Thurs., May 23rd   Jeans for Troops Day

                                 ABC Countdown = Letter R (Recess Day)

    Fri., May 24th       ABC Countdown = Letter S (Science Day)

    Mon., May 27th     Happy Memorial Day

                                 All schools closed for the holiday

    Tues., May 28th     ABC Countdown = Letter T (T-shirt Day)

    Wed., May 29th     Day #175 = 5 days of school left

                                  ABC Countdown = Letter U (USA Day)

    Thur., May 30th    Math = Topic #15 Test on Calendar & Seasons

                                 Happy Birthday, Aiden!!!

                                 ABC Countdown = Letter V (Video Day)

    Fri., May 31st       ABC Countdown = Letter W (Wacky Hair Day)

    Mon., June 3rd     ABC Countdown = Letter X (X-change Autographs Day)

    Tues., June 4th     Last FULL DAY of school

                                ABC Countdown = Letter Y (Year End Day)

    Wed., June 5th     Last OFFICIAL DAY of school

                                ABC Countdown = Letter Z (Zoom Out Day)

                                 Happy Birthday, Laura!!!!!

                                 Happy Birthday, Max!!!!!

                                 BVA Graduation Day

                                 Have a safe and wonderful summer!!!!!





    Welcome to your first year at Marion Elementary School!!!!! 

    I am very excited to meet and get to know all of you!!! 
    I am looking forward to getting started & to having a very successful year. 
    Please know that my door is always open.