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    Name: Susan Neuman
    Classroom: 143
    Grade: 6
    Help Hours: 8:15-8:30 AM or 3:30-4:00PM
      Please note, we are on a five day rotation schedule this year not six. Specials are listed on the "special page". In sixth grade, we use a check mark system. If a student does not do homework, they may not qualify for reward days which include, but are not limited to class parties. Please make sure your child does their homework, so they do not miss anything. A syllabus of my class will may accessed it online.  I never give homework on Friday, but I do expect it to be done the other days. I try to update my schedule daily, but sometimes things happen. Under math assignments, assignments are for all for all math classes. Social Studies (SS) is for my homeroom only. I look forward to this awesome group of students.
    Welcome Class of 2025!
    Mrs. Neuman 
                                  03/20 thru 03/26/2019
    Students will receive an extra homework paper a few
                                days a week as a review.
    Wednesday Day A- worksheet, Quiz Line Plots   
    Thursday Day B-   worksheet        
    Friday Day C-       no homework
    Monday Day D-     worksheet
    Tuesday Day E-     worksheets