• Mrs. Pierce
    Name:  Mrs. Cindy Pierce  Ext. 2410
    Classroom:  Life Skills Support (LSS)
    Grade:  9th - 12th grades  
    Help Hours:  Support available throughout day

    April 2020

    Updated virtual learning information:

    Our goal for our Life Skills students remains the same:  to prepare them for the real world once graduating from BVASD.  We will continue to work toward IEP goals through online instruction and reinforcement of language, math and adaptive behavior skills (self-care; communication; self-advocacy; social skills; leisure; home or school living; community use; work and health/safety).  There will be assignments posted; tools students may need for support (math charts; online calculator) as well as additional materials and resources (lists of links to instructional videos; games; online books etc.).  Students will have opportunities for group and/or individual instruction and support. Related services will be incorporated to meet the needs of the students. Information and support will be provided through Google Classroom, email, cell phone contact, Zoom and Google Hangout / Meet.  We need to continue working as a team for our children!  And remember to always reach for the stars!  

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    Welcome to room #410 at Belle Vernon Area High School!  Our goal is to work together to develop and reinforce skills that will help us to become ethical, confident and productive members of society.  We will accomplish our goal through teamwork, dedication and respect.  We will be working on the following:

    • Functional academics (math, language and social science)                                
    • Daily living skills (household maintenance, laundry skills, etc.)                                                  
    • Health and safety                       
    • Cooking & meal preparation skills including designing menus, locating recipes & grocery shopping
    • Money management skills including banking, budgeting & class rewards program
    • Personal hygiene & grooming
    • Partners programs for art, physical education, swimming and choir 
    • Social skills                                                          
    • Communication skills                    
    • Leisure & recreation
    • Pre-vocational skills 


    In addition, we will have many opportunities to learn through modeling & practical experiences through participation in school, district & community-based activities & field trips throughout the year.  These could include ...

    • Peer mentorship & buddies (Friends First club & Partner's programs)
    • Volunteer, apprenticeships & work-based learning experiences 
    • Opportunities for social & life experiences at restaurants, stores, bank, libraries & additional businesses within the community
    • Additional social & sport-related events that would include other Life Skills classes from within and outside of BVASD (S.T.A.R.S.)

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. And always remember ... 

    Reach for the Stars