• The Belle Vernon Area High School is eager to begin our AP 1-to-1 iPad program, which will begin at the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

    The Belle Vernon Area School District’s Vision Statement calls on us to allow students to “Access the Future Through Excellence in Education.”  Similarly, we must equip our students with the necessary skills to be successful so that when each student graduates, each will possess the capabilities to compete in and contribute to the changing demands of the world.  The AP 1-to-1 iPad program has provided the means to transform the teaching and learning environment in our AP Program so that our students have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to succeed in this digital world.  Our teachers, with the support of the administration and a robust professional development program, have been working hard to create an innovative learning environment in order to provide our students with extraordinary opportunities and an exceptional learning program, with a goal to have their courses available through iTunes U in the coming months.

    With this vision in mind, the BVASD Board of Education approved the recommendation for full implementation of the AP 1-to-1 program in the fall of 2014, providing an iPad device to every student enrolling in any of our high school’s nine Advanced Placement courses.

    Belle Vernon Area High School’s AP 1-to-1 iPad Program will expand student access to engaging tools and resources, thereby allowing our students to learn more effectively and to live more productively in an increasingly global and digital world. One of our primary goals for the AP 1-to-1 iPad Program is to improve the quality of life for all of our AP students. A tangible indicator of this is through the reduction in the number of physical textbooks that students must carry with them. Within this program, we are pleased to announce that all of our textbooks and novels are available in digital form. We are excited to see the developments in the fields of eBooks and the use of alternative forms of content to supplement direct instruction.