• Welcome to Marion Elementary Band!

    ALL band students, grades 4-6, must have a copy of Essential Elements: Book 1 for their instrument. If you do not have one, you may order it online OR send $11 cash in a marked envelope (with the student's name AND instrument) to school.  Percussion books cost $19.25, due to larger size containing snare and mallet pages.


    ALL band students must turn in a signed practice log on a weekly basis:

    -6th Grade band: every Monday, or next full-band day
    -4th-5th Grade lessons: every lesson day

    -Keep in mind that consistent practice is key to a student's development on an instrument. It is better to practice daily for 20 minutes than to practice once a week for 2 hours! Helping your child develop a practice routine or schedule will greatly benefit their progress.


    Find me in the Remind App:

    -School: Marion El School
    -Teacher: Elizabeth Thompson
    -Class: 6th Grade Band or Letter day corresponding with your student's lesson day


    6th Grade Band Announcements: 10/16/2018


    -Finishing playing tests



    -At least 60 minutes every week to get an A

    -Extras are always on the table. I’m not going to leave them on stands anymore.

    -Missing homework:

    -We have due up to this point:

    -Signed Parent Letter

    -Note ID Worksheet

    -Fingering worksheet

    -3 Practice Logs (I will drop 2 at end of 9 weeks)

    -Playing Test #1 (5 note scale)

    -EXTRAS ON THE SIDE TABLE: check that it’s for YOUR instrument

    -Anyone who is still missing assignments by the end of the week will be called down from recess next week

    -Keeping stands and space clean:

    -Don’t leave trash (paper towels, extra reeds, extra papers) on the ground OR your stands

    -ANY paper I leave on your stand is for you to keep in your folder. It is homework or for your reference.  The only thing that stays is the MES book.

    -Materials quiz next week (Wed., Oct. 24th):

    -5 points each: instrument, folder with materials inside, pencil (your OWN)