Welcome from Mr. Grice, Principal (Video)

     We Can't Wait to See You BVA! Please view this video created by the Staff!

    BVASD Phased Re-Opening Parent Information


    Health Room Information- Mrs. Martin, School Nurse (Video)

    Mrs. Martin will be working closely with all Students and Staff to ensure that we are practicing social distance, practicing good hygiene and mitigating risk of exposure to Covid-19.

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    Please see the protocols in regards to Students and Staff below:

    Self Screening and Covid-19 Symptoms Reporting Procedures for Employees

    Self Screening and Covid-19 Symptoms Reporting Procedures for Students


    Counseling Information- Mrs. Hassinger, School Counselor (Video)

    School begins for EVERY student Monday, August 31, 2020 regardless of whether or not students are connecting remotely or physically in the building! 

    Mondays & Tuesdays:

    Students who have a last name that begins with the letters A-K will report to the building.

    Students who have a last name that begins with the letters L-Z, or who are 5 days remote learning will connect with teacheres via Google Classroom and/or Zoom.



    All students A-Z will be connecting with teachers remotely.


    Thursdays & Fridays:

    Students who have a last name that begins with the letters L-Z will report to the building.

    Students who have a last name that begins with the letters A-K, or who are 5 days remote learning will connect with teacheres via Google Classroom and/or Zoom.


    Sapphire Community Portal Login- Mr. Grice, Principal (Video)

    Parents can create web portal access to the Sapphire Community Portal to view Students' Schedule and Transportation Information. Please review this information after 3:00pm on August 28, 2020.


    Attendance Information- Mrs. McCloskey, Office Secretary

    Students attending school remotely on their specified days and/or BVA@Home will be expected to check in using the Remote Daily Attendance Tab from bellevernonarea.net web-site each day that school is in session. Students and/or a Parent is expected to check in daily to account for accurate attendance tracking.

    Students that are unable to attend each of their Teacher’s live Zoom sessions will be completing the Teacher specific Google, Asynchronous Attendance Form for Classwork. This form can be found within each Teacher’s Google Classroom.

    Should a student be absent on a day in which they are to report, then parents are asked to email Mr. Grice at john.grice@bvasd.net, or parents may submit a handwritten or Dr. excuse and place in the mailbox in the lobby outside of the main office. Parents and students will be expected to submit excuses within 3 days of the absence.

    Students that will be dismissed early may follow the same process and place early dismissal notes in the box outside of the main office. No bus passes will be issued until further notice, unless coordinated through the Transportation Office.  Mr. Dave Bashada can be reached by email at dave.bashada@bvasd.net or 724-808-2500 x7111.


    Transportation Information- Mr. Bashada, Transportation Director (Video)

    Students will be expected to wear a mask at the bus stop and on the bus.  Hand sanitizer will made available to students and the driver will assign seats on buses.  Please logon on the Saphire Community Portal to view Transportation Information.

    Students can be dropped off in the rear parking lot, which is located off of McDonough St. and Sanbank Rd. which runs adjacent to the Middle School and Marion Elementary School Campus.


    Food Service Information- Mrs. Horrell, Head Cafeteria Cook (Video)

    Students will eat in the cafeteria while being socially distant and facing one direction. Students will be assigned seats based on grade and will be expected to maintain social distance when getting their lunches and keep their masks on until seated.


    Morning Routine - Mr. Grice, Principal (Video)

    Students are permitted to bring their electronic devices to and from school on days where they will be in the middle school. The middle school staff asks students to refrain from using mobile phones as their device of choice due to the nature of the work that students will be completing daily.

    Students will enter the building from the Main Lobby Entrance (Door #1) beginning at 7:30am while maintaining social distance and wearing a mask.  Students will have the choice of reporting to the Cafeteria to get breakfast, and/or the gymnasium to await the 7:45am bell to be dismissed to Homeroom.

    Students and Teachers will have their temperatures taken upon entry. Should a Teacher or Student record a temperature above 100.4 degrees, then this person will see the Nurse to once again have a temperature check to ensure that we safely open school daily to mitigate risk.

    The hallways will be labeled to create ONE DIRECTIONAL movement.  Students will be assigned homerooms to account for the students that will be reporting on Last Name A-K & L-Z days. Students will be permitted to carry a small book bag, and will be assigned a locker that has been assigned based on the days that students will be reporting into the building.

    One Directional Movement- Mr. Grice, Principal (Video)

    Students will be following their schedule and will be moving from classroom to classroom. The bell schedule can be found here, and it has been modified to provide time to clean desks and transition from classroom to classroom in ONE DIRECTION.


     Remote Learning and Classroom Setup- Mr. Grice, Principal

    All Students will access their Google Classrooms by logging into Google using the following credentials: Username: studentID@bvasd.net; Password is bvasdstudentID. Example: 12345@bvasd.net; bvasd12345. Students are asked to please check their Google email (Gmail) accounts to accept their Teacher's invitation to their individual Google Classrooms.

    How to Help Your Child with Distance Learning

    Parent's Guide to Google Classrooom

    How to Use Google Classroom

    Information for Parents About Google Classroom

    How to Turn in a Google Assignment

    Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students

    Step by Step Directions for Logging into Google Classroom from Home

    Teachers will have a device setup in their classroom to host a Zoom session at the specified times outlined for each class.  These times and links will be linked within Google Classroom. Students learning remotely will be able to participate with the teacher and students in the classroom via Zoom. Assignments may be given in electronic and paper form, based on need and circumstance.

    Textbooks can be requested and distributed during the first week of school or prior, based on the students' schedules and needs.

    Devices will be prioritized and deployed based on need that was gleaned from the 2020-2021 Enrollment Information that was submitted by parents in August.


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