• kdgcaterpillarwelcome
    Name:  Mrs. Luzanski
    Classroom:  102
    Grade:  Kindergarten
    Help Hours8:15 - 8:30
     Welcome to kindergarten!!  My name is  Mrs. Luzanski and I am happy to be your teacher this year.  I have fifteen years of teaching experience at Marion and I have to say Kindergarteners are the best!!  We are going to have such a great time together; learning, playing and making new friends. We have lots of exciting educational centers, computers and toys to make learning fun.  You will also get to play outside, meet the Letter People, and visit the library, gym, art and music room.  It was such a gorgeous summer and I am looking forward to a Fabulous Fall with my new kiddos!  I also assume that some children ( and families) are a bit nervous about the first day.  Honestly, I am too!!  Every year I get butterflies when I walk out to the cafeteria to meet my new children along with their families.  I really hope your child is excited about starting kindergarten and all of the anxieties about the "newness" will soon disappear and we will all be having such a great time learning together.  
    Happy Learning!!
    Mrs. Luzanski